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When you discover the world's most powerful handheld laser, the first question you'll have is: how can you use this power in the most awe-inspiring way imaginable? We present the LaserSaber. Stunning to behold, magnificent to wield, and absolutely wicked to own.

This product is only an accessory for a Spyder 3 laser. Laser sold separately.


Iconic Design

When we first created the sleek, sophisticated design of the S3 laser, George Lucas attempted to sue us over it. We're betting he's having some trouble with the LaserSaber's design, too. With a hilt of virtually indestructible aircraft grade aluminum and a US-manufactured 32'' long, 1/8'' thick polycarbonate tube, the LaserSaber is strong, highly durable, and fully capable of harnessing the most powerful lasers in the known universe.

How it Works

The LaserSaber "powers up" and "powers down" within a magnetic gravity system, so you can watch the most powerful lasers in the world climb the length of the blade as you turn it off and on. The laser is diffused by a built-in optical element and distributed evenly throughout the blade. A metal sphere suspended inside the tube causes the beam grow effect, while a magnet hidden in the tip of the blade causes the ball to magnetically lock into place, forming a beam with a solid end point.

Safety First

The LaserSaber isn't a toy - it's powered by highly dangerous lasers and needs to only be wielded in a controlled environment. Every S3 laser comes with LaserShades for safety, and these should be used at all times while handling a LaserSaber.

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